For this portrait series, I was influenced by Marek Chaloupka’s series called Latency. The photos focused on hands and feet that were shot under milk glass creating a grainy, ghostly filter to the photos. I put my own spin on the work by using banner paper and focusing more on the body and face pushed into the paper. I chose paper because I still wanted to keep that grain effect while also adding the wrinkle effect. My series utilizes these factors to create portraits that leave the emotional interpretation to the viewer. I wanted to do portraits in a way that shows the vulnerability of the body while keeping anonymity so the viewer can fill in the blank with their own experiences.

Contextualization: This Portrait series showcases my photography and Adobe Photoshop skills. It also displays my creativity and strength in visual dynamics. Being a photographer informs people that I have the leadership skills and confidence that it takes to direct a photoshoot and these skills can easily transition to any other job.